Equipment Hire


Excavator Hire



We have your backyard and worksite (residential and commercial) digging needs covered, At Non Destructive Digging and Cleaning with a Kubota u17-3, 1.8t for wet/dry hire.  Clean, well maintained equipment from a small local business. Comes with 3 buckets (200mm trenching bucket, 450mm GP bucket, 900mm trim bucket), 360-degree range with zero swing for freedom of movement to access all areas of your yard or worksite.


Width: 990mm-1240mm

Dig depth: 2.3m

weight: 1.8T

SWL: 130kg

Extras not included in hire but also available:

single tyne ripper

2.8T Tandem trailer


Short term and Long term hire options available

Hydro Excavation Truck/Vac Truck Hire


At Non Destructive Digging and Cleaning we take pride in safe excavations around low/high risk service utilities or digging in extreme tight places where no other equipment can get to, utilising our 3000L hydro excavation truck/Sucker truck.

 Wet hire only


12T truck

3000L slurry/waste tank

1000L fresh water

30m reach with hoses from truck

Included Extras:

Organising Dial before you dig plans (DBYB)

Locating services in conjunction with the vac truck (potholing)

Short and long term hire options available.