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At Non Destructive Digging and Cleaning we take a non destructive approach (as the name suggests) to your digging and cleaning requirements across Adelaide, and greater South Australia. 

Non destructive digging, also known as Hydro Excavation or Vacuum Excavation, is one of the safest ways to excavate without damaging any underground utilities, cables, conduits, high voltage or high pressure services.

Our approach to non destructive digging is using high pressure water along with a high velocity vacuum, which is all trailer mounted, to safely clear out the soil and debris. As the water blasts through the earth the dirt is turned to mud and the vacuum sucks the detritus away.  What is left is the excavated area and also a much tidier site.

We then remove this dirt and debris from your work site and dispose of it in a safe and proper manner.  Sand, or any other material that is requested, gets put back in place when the job is finished.


The Hydro Excavation process does not damage underground services such as gas, water/sewer, power, communications or storm water as mechanical digging equipment is not involved. 


The non evasive method of hydro excavation results in significantly less risk and could save you thousands, or even millions of dollars in repairs which could occur should you strike and damage an underground asset.

Our non destructive digging services include:

  • Obtaining DBYD Plans (Dial Before You Dig)

  • Trenching

  • Potholing for service exposure, to protect services from destruction

  • Locating and digging around services to ensure you can proceed safely

  • Potholing for fencing, verandah or decking posts

  • Creation of holes for plants and trees

  • Removal of unwanted trees / tree stumps, especially when the area is difficult to access, such as backyards or walkways

With this service, we’re fully prepared to tackle even the most complex of projects and stand by the exceptional quality of our work.


At Non Destructive Digging and Cleaning we also have cable and pipe locating equipment.


Locating hidden underground services prior to digging will save you valuable time and money.  

With the use of our service locator we can pinpoint where the underground utilities are and measure their depths prior to digging.

This method allows for digging to proceed with confidence.


Can you risk the cost and potentially lethal damage that may occur if you hit a power cable, water pipe or gas pipe?

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